Flying Custard Photography Photo Restoration and Re-touching

Our photographs are really important to us. They represent our history and our memories, be they of our childhood, a “once in a lifetime” holiday or of a long lost family member or pet. While we are prepared to ignore, as best we can, the poor quality or damaged nature of a favourite image, would it not be better to have an enhanced version of this important item?

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My Photoshop skills, evidenced by the achievement of the Adobe Certified Expert qualification, enable me to restore or re-touch photographs, be they old black and white negatives or prints, modern, digital, files or anything in between. In fact, I welcome any such challenge!

What Do I Mean by Restoration and Re-touching?

Photo restoration is the practice of restoring a photograph which has been damaged or affected by age. Such damage or effects caused by age might include tears, creases, faded colours or dramatic loss of contrast, hiding the details.

Photo re-touching is typically less severe than restoration, requiring, for example, the removal of dust or scratches, enhancement of colours or contrast or the removal of unwanted details (like an unwanted spouse!).

How Can Flying Custard Photography Help You?

Provide me with your original image, in any format, and I will restore or re-touch it and convert it to a print (framed if you like) or a digital file format. While I cannot claim to be able to transform any old photograph into a pristine masterpiece, I can achieve a great deal and would be happy to discuss your requirements with you. Please contact me.

For prices for this service please go to Flying Custard Photography Prices.