Flying Custard Photography Band Photography

My Background in Music

I have always been a fan of music (from classical to folk to rock) and was a keen amateur guitarist until I realised that I had little talent at it! I, consequently, know a fair bit about music, musicians and musical instruments. For the latter, please see the Guitars section of my portfolio.

My Experience in Band Photography

I was commisioned by local musician Mordecai Smyth to take the photographs for his WEB site to be used to market his up and coming new album “Sticky Tape and Rust”. The results of this photo shoot can be seen in my portfolio band photography section.

What I Offer in Band Photography

I am happy to photograph any band whether they be at home, in a studio, playing at a gig or who knows where! However, I do prefer to get to know the people concerned before the shoot as it enables me to take photographs reflecting their characters better. If the photography is to be taken at a gig, I would prefer access to the venue before the concert to allow me to learn best locations and balance for the light. Obviously, if this is not possible, well fair enough, though this might limit the options for photographic styles.

Portable Studio Set Up

I use portable lighting and backgrounds, allowing me to provide studio quality results anywhere with mains electricity. Obviously this equipment is not applicable to a gig situation.

When using this equipment, I can offer photographs as low key (typically with some of the subject hidden in shadow) and high key (with a pure white background). Examples of both styles are included in my band portfolio.

Presentation of Photographs

I provide a DVD of images from a shoot, or access to them on my WEB site if preferred, to allow selection of your preferred images. I can then provide these images as prints in framed or un-framed state or provide other options as required.

If you would like to use my services, or would like more information, please contact us.

For prices for this service please go to Flying Custard Photography Prices.