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My Experience in Event Photography

I have photographed two very different types of events; corporate events and markets.

Corporate Events I have twice been contracted to photograph the day time speakers and the evening entertainment at Northgate User Group conferences. The photographs varied between the formality of the day time photographs and the candid, relaxed, photographs of the evening. The results were provided as a slideshow of the entertainment, shown as the attendees assembled during the “Morning After” (they took it very well, if with embarassement), as prints for those who wanted a memento of the fun and as a gallery on the User Group WEB site. Obviously I removed any images as requested!

Market Events I have recently completed a contract to provide photographs from various markets and a car boot sale for use by Woodley Town Council on their WEB site. These photographs ranged from detail shots of products to overall views of the market. Please see the events section of my portfolio.

What I Offer for Event Photography

I am happy to photograph any event, whether it be informal or a corporate event.

Presentation of Photographs

I provide a DVD of images from a shoot, or access to them on my WEB site if preferred, to allow selection of your preferred images. I can then provide these images as prints in framed or un-framed state or provide other options as required.

If you would like to use my services, or would like more information, please contact us.

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